Findlay, OH Bicentennial 2012

Celebrate 200 Years!

Enjoy these photos submitted by our community.

Guess who this is? Join us on Facebook as we give daily clues to guess who this little guy is. This photo was taken during Findlay's Sesquicentennial in 1962.

From David Barber:

 Fifty years ago I was wondering if I'd be around for the 200 year celebration. Made it so far, and I can remember that celebration so long ago.  I was living on a farm  two miles North and two miles West of Arcadia in 1962 and at the age of eleven was celebrating with Findlay.  My mother loved to shop at Kroger's and one day she and I dropped a ticket each into the drum to win the Model A Ford Replica that you now see. They didn't call after the drawing and it was by chance that we went into the store where upon I went directly to the car and saw my name listed as the winner. We went home and brought a small utility trailer to take it home.  That car served me for many years until I could drive a real car.  I drove it for miles around the farm and once all the way to Van Buren, a six mile trip each way.  When I went into the military the car stayed on the farm where two nieces and a nephew used it while growing up.  Then in 1994 I brought it to Utah where I now reside.   I have two children that have used it and it is still complete as I had it fifty years ago with the addition of the horn a few years ago.  The engine has been rebuilt, but the paint is original.  There is some damage to the fiberglass fenders, but I have a set of new ones to install if I ever get around to it. Over the years I had hoped to drive it in the Findlay parade this year but that is not going to happen so I'm happy about this site to tell my story.   It was a thrill to win it, and it's still fun to play with. How many would keep the sign like I did all these years, it was a big deal for me.



And here is Dave as a child with his prize!


From Larry Pressnell:

"This photo was taken during the parade at the Sesquicentennial. My dad is Richard Pressnell (with beard). He died in 1988. My mom is now Viola Hochstettler and she still lives in Findlay.Us kids left to right. Me, Larry Pressnell. I live in North Carolina. (I'm 53 now) My sister Sherri Andray lives in Perrysburg Ohio. My brother Jerry lives in San Juan Capistrano California. My brother Gary (my dads hand is on his shoulder) lives in South Bend Indiana. We plan to re-enact the photo on June 14th 2012."