Findlay, OH Bicentennial 2012

Celebrate 200 Years!



To celebrate Findlay's Bicentennial Celebration, our smallest soldiers are being called to action once again.  If you are old enough to remember our Nation’s Bicentennial in 1976, you know who we are talking about…yes, our Findlay fire hydrants.  Findlay’s Fire Chief, Tom Lonyo, and Safety Service Director, Paul Schmelzer, have compiled a map of hydrants that are fit for duty.  

This project cannot happen without volunteers, like yourselves, to paint them.  Please join the festivities and be a part of the fun by agreeing to paint one or more hydrants.  Contact Jennifer Macke-Harden with the hydrants you are willing to paint.  We will be painting all summer long. 



The hydrants need to be patriotic theme using mostly red, white and blue.  Black can be used as an accent color only. Black must be used sparingly as black reduces the visibility of the fire hydrants at night. Our residents' safety comes first. 

Ø  Paint only approved hydrants. Contact Jennifer Macke-Harden for the most up to date list of hydrants available.

Ø  Must be patriotic design paint schemes

Ø  All parts of the hydrant can be painted EXCEPT the Wing-nut on top and identification tag on the front

Ø  The hydrant must remain functional, which means only use paint to decorate; and keep the area around unobstructed


SUPPLIES NEEDED:  All products are available at Lowe’s or Menard's

Ø  Rust-Oleum oil-base paint, semi-gloss/gloss, royal blue, regal red, white and black, half pints are available at Menard's. This is plenty to get the job done.

Ø  Pine Sol for cleaning

Ø  Paint Brushes, can use Chip Brushes

Ø  Rags for cleaning

Ø  Turpentine for washing paint brushes

Ø  Bucket for cleaning

Ø  Water

Visit our facebook page for photos as they come in! Or email your photos to