Findlay, OH Bicentennial 2012

Celebrate 200 Years!

Findlay's Timeline

1812-The first structure, Fort Findlay, was built here. Findlay derived its name from Fort Findlay. The fort was constructed in 1812 and was named after Col. James Findlay. Joseph Vance of Urbana, Elnathan Cory of New Carlisle and William Neill of Columbus visited Findlay on July 3, 1821 and established a settlement. In 1887, the area was incorporated as a city. Findlay flourished as the oil and natural gas production center during the 1880s

1815-Benjamin Cox became the first permanent settler in Hancock County.

1816-Lydia Cox was the first white child born in Hancock County.

1821-Joseph Vance, Wm. Neil and Elnathan Cory filed first entries for land that later became Findlay.

1822-First church, known as Dukes meeting house, was built west of Findlay.

1823-Wilson Vance was named postmaster and first election of public officials took place.

1824-The first marriage was solemnized, uniting Samuel Kepler and Rachel McKinnis.

1827-The first school house was built at the northwest corner of E. Crawford and East Streets.

1828-The Methodists formed the first religious organization in town (a class).

1829-The county's first physician, Dr. Bass Rawson, arrived here.

1830-The first federal census was taken here, showing 813 people in the county.

1839-The first town outside Findlay was laid out and named Mt. Blanchard.

1830-The county's first jail was built.

1832-33 The county's first courthouse was built.

1836-The county's first newspaper, the Findlay Courier, was published by Jacob Rosenburg.

1838-The village of Findlay was incorporated and John Adams was elected the first mayor.

1843-The first bridge was built across the river.

1849-The first trains on the old Mad River Railroad began to run between Findlay and Carey.

1863-The First National Bank was formed here.

1866-The first person from Findlay elected to Congress was Wm. Mungen, lawyer.

1880-The first daily newspaper, the Jeffersonian, appeared.

1884-The first gas well, the Oesterlen, came in.

1885-The first oil well, the Mathias, was brought in.It was at the Northwest corner of West Main Cross and Durrell Streets.

1887-Findlay YMCA founded.

1890-The first Findlay Public Library was organized.

1900-The first high school building was being built on West Main Cross Street.

1906-The first park, Riverside, was opened by the city. The first Redpath Chautauqua was held in Findlay.

1920-The first two men's service clubs, Rotary and Kiwanis, were organized and the first Chamber of Commerce was opened.

1963. The first shopping mall, Fort Findlay Village, opened here.

1965-The first municipal income tax was voted in by Council.

1971-Hancock Historical Museum opens

1979-The Findlay Area Arts Council, now known as The Arts Partnership, opens its doors with $836 and a goal to educate the community in arts appreciation.